Super Sleek

Yes, 2017 hair trends are all about giving curls a go and bringing back super straight hair…your 16 year old self totally mastered!

Time to get those flatirons back out.

Using your hair dryer, blow dry from root to ends with the air flow pointing toward the ends. Be patient!

Only then, if necessary, use your flatirons on their lowest heat to relax any kinks.

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Soft and Smooth Locks: Tips to Nourish Your Hair

Get healthy, beautiful, shiny hair

No matter if your hair is fine, straight, curly, or thick, you can get smooth, manageable locks. Follow these tips to nourish your hair and leave it shiny, beautiful and healthy.

Skip a day between shampoos

Unless your hair is extremely oily, you can typically cleanse it every other day, rather than daily. Skipping a day or two between shampoos can help to avoid stripping your hair of its natural oils produced to nourish your locks. Though it may seem "dirty" to you, you'll find you hair looks and feels healthier when you stop washing it daily. If your hair is dry, you should continue to condition it daily in the shower. Dry shampoo is our favorite hair hack, we love Davines® dry shampoo to give oily roots a boost!
Protect from heat damage

Nothing zaps the life out of your hair like the heat. Use a heat protector such as melu heat shield from Davines to protect strands. Allow your hair to dry naturally whenever possible. It's also important to keep your hair and scalp nourished with oils and mask. We love Minu hair mask from Davines or Olaplex used weekly as a treatment for dehydrated locks. Another set of great conditioners are Surface BASSU Hydrating Masque and L'oreal Powerdose Vitamino A-OX. Healthy hair is quite hard to achieve and manage as our hair is exposed to chemical treatments, heat, and pollution. With the right products, tools and guidance from your stylist you will be equipped to fortify and improve your hair. Your locks will Praise you!

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Fresh Hair Colors to Try for Spring 2017

When the seasons shift, switching up your makeup and rethinking your skincare is a must, but a fresh hair color update is also worth considering as warmer weather arrives.  As with most important life choices, we look to celebrities and the Insta-famous for guidance.  Let us help you pick your new hair color.

Chocolate Brown

Warmer temperatures may temp you to lighten up, but I suggest the opposite in some cases. Going to the opposite spectrum with Chocolate Brown is a great option.

Strawberry Blonde

If you are blonde and want to try reds, trying strawberry golden blonde is a must.  It adds subtle color to skin and creates a warm golden glow.

Hot Reds

Red is going to dominate the Spring color trend.  For those of you already rocking the red, change things up by adding some babylights to transition into warmer weather months.
Honey Blonde

A chameleon - not quite blonde, not quite brown, this classic shade suits everyone.  A softer, one tone honey blonde this season is beautiful.  Starting from a brunette, gradually work from dark to light, speckling of color from roots to ends is so flattering.  Deeper roots and multi-dimensional ends will always be a trend.  With less contrast between the tones, making a softer, less harsh color.

White Blonde

High impact platinum is an excellent option if you are already blonde.  It's a huge commitment all around but makes a hot statement.

— Tina Ratsaboutseua

Hair Coloring 101

So you want to dye your tresses, huh?  Today, we have a huge selection of thousands of shades, tones, and glazes to alter our hair.  If choosing a new color has your hair up in knots, let us guide you!

How do I choose the right hair color for my personality?

Coloring our hair is more than just what feels right now.  It's about considering our lifestyles.  How is your hair going to fit into your world?  Be open to possibility, it's our job as stylist to plant awareness into your mind.  Remember, we can manipulate the way we look to stimulate others people's minds.  A new hair color can open up a world of possibility.

What technique is right for me?

These days, colored hair rarely means all over.  How do we possibly pick from balyage, babylights, dimensional color, ombre, sombre, foils, or whatever creative application we've spotted on trendy blogs and magazines.  It boils down to one word — maintenance.  Hair color is an investment we make in ourselves and it comes down to how much money and time you want to invest in how you look and in turn, how we feel.  Different dye techniques yield different maintenance periods.

How much time you want to spend on your style will guide you to the perfect color for you.
Hair olor

Cutting your hair dry? . . . Reasons why you should consider it.

Have you ever found yourself at the salon overcome with anxiety and regret mid-cut because you can't decipher whether you'll be sobbing or swooning once your haircut is through?  We've all been there, but switching to a dry haircut in lieu of the traditional wet technique might save you from stress of guesswork during your next haircut.

When a hairstylist snips your hair dry, they are not only envisioning the style and look you desire, but creating texture, softness, and also taking into consideration that when the client leaves, she will be able to replicate the look at home, and that the haircut will stay beautiful for weeks.

When wet, hair is denser, it stretches, and due to elasticity, appears longer, making the end result less predictable.  Since soaked hair strands can look drastically different than when it's dry - especially if you have curly hair---- cutting prior to shampooing allows a hairstylist create a more detailed cut with your hair texture in mind.  Assuring your hair will behave on a daily basis.


Aside from ensuring that you and your hairstylist are on the same page regarding the big picture of your hairstyle, another reason to rethink a wet haircut is that dry chops have a longer life between cuts, so if you are crushed on time, then this method is for you.  Cutting hair dry requires less frequent trips to the salon because the style's shape is cut into the hair, so not only is the soft and easy to manage, it allows the grow out to maintain the original shape, due to the interior layers created.

The best part about a great dry haircut is its versatility.  Dry cutting is truly universal, fit for any hairstyle your looking to create, and works with any hair texture. Hair can be tamed and shaped through a dry cutting.

To prolong a dry haircut ensure your hair has the moisture it needs to maintain a healthy appearance, and it's shape.  Since this tailored, more detailed approach to haircutting isn't practiced at all salons, finding an experienced stylist in the method is essential.  If you're craving a "wash and go" style, a dry cut may be just the shift your after.

— Tina Ratsaboutseua