Hair Coloring 101

So you want to dye your tresses, huh?  Today, we have a huge selection of thousands of shades, tones, and glazes to alter our hair.  If choosing a new color has your hair up in knots, let us guide you!

How do I choose the right hair color for my personality?

Coloring our hair is more than just what feels right now.  It's about considering our lifestyles.  How is your hair going to fit into your world?  Be open to possibility, it's our job as stylist to plant awareness into your mind.  Remember, we can manipulate the way we look to stimulate others people's minds.  A new hair color can open up a world of possibility.

What technique is right for me?

These days, colored hair rarely means all over.  How do we possibly pick from balyage, babylights, dimensional color, ombre, sombre, foils, or whatever creative application we've spotted on trendy blogs and magazines.  It boils down to one word — maintenance.  Hair color is an investment we make in ourselves and it comes down to how much money and time you want to invest in how you look and in turn, how we feel.  Different dye techniques yield different maintenance periods.

How much time you want to spend on your style will guide you to the perfect color for you.
Hair olor

Secrets To Beautiful Dimensional Hair Color


Avoid getting a single process, unless you’re a natural blonde.  Going one shade all over is never better than highlights, a single process blonde often ends up looking "brassy”. Highlights blend colors, keeping your hair from looking too yellow or orange.

What's Buzzing now:  Babylights, a highlighting technique in which fine, natural - looking color is placed throughout the hairline.  They freshen everything up in a subtle, shimmering, soft way.


Ombre is here to stay, but now there's less contrast between roots and ends of hair, melting tone-on-tone shades, creating a more natural effect.

What's Buzzing Now:  Lighter ends are still the rage, but keep them refined, to enhance more natural-looking hair color.  Sombre is a softer version of ombre, your mid-lengths through ends should be no more than two to three shades lighter than your root color.  Definitely a low maintenance, lived in color that is flattering on everyone, especially brunettes.


What's Buzzing Now:  Dimension and layering of tones... The more you do the better!  A myriad of red shades should be placed throughout the hair for a seamless transition, strawberry blonde, gold, mahogany, copper brown.  Then finish everything with a high shine gloss to blend it all together.

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