2016 Fall Hair Colors: Tips & Trends

Autumn isn't just the season for everything 🎃Pumpkin spice Lattes ☕️.  It's a time to experiment with bold hues, slip on boots, switch our wardrobes, transition highlighted hair for darker, richer tones.  Just as the leaves around us embrace the shift, as we say farewell to warmer days and tuck away our swimsuits in preparation for sweater weather, it's time to embrace warmer, richer hues, and a new hair color!

Test Out Lowlights

Lowlights are a great way to step into the richer tones for the fall without committing to all over hair color. Lowlights are exactly the opposite of highlights: they are darker strands of hair, weaved throughout the hair creating dimension and movement to the hair. They're a wonderful way to give hair a warmer, richer, vibrant appearance, and combat faded highlights.  Choose darker lowlights, and finer weaves, for a natural look if you are apprehensive to try this technique out. You don't have to completely say goodbye to your sunny locks, though. Incorporating lowlights is a great way to maintain some of that sun-kissed feel while still transitioning into a richer, swoon-worthy Autumn style.

🍁The Autumn Palette 🍂

Once fall strikes, you may find yourself wondering, "what color should I dye my locks?" Simply take a glance around you to find inspiration!  The Autumn color tones include beautiful chocolate Browns, toffee shades, caramel tones, burnt reds, warmer golden tones, and rich Browns.  Fall has arrived, this season, hair color trends like copper lowlights, dimensional strawberry blondes are a sure fire way to make heads turn.  Also, always consider when picking your new hair color to match your natural hair color, and simply go a few shades darker.

Go Darker Slowly

Coloring your whole head a darker tone in one appointment may seem tempting, but it can be very shocking: the smartest way to avoid hair color regret and to ensure healthy, shiny hair along the way, is to darken your hair slowly.  Adding lowlights progressively will ensure that your new hair color doesn't seem to dramatic, unnatural, or forced.  Color your hair darker slowly, one  appointment at a time and slowly work toward your goal.
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❤️—Tina Ratsaboutseua 💕💕💕👄