Dimensional Hair

Secrets To Beautiful Dimensional Hair Color


Avoid getting a single process, unless you’re a natural blonde.  Going one shade all over is never better than highlights, a single process blonde often ends up looking "brassy”. Highlights blend colors, keeping your hair from looking too yellow or orange.

What's Buzzing now:  Babylights, a highlighting technique in which fine, natural - looking color is placed throughout the hairline.  They freshen everything up in a subtle, shimmering, soft way.


Ombre is here to stay, but now there's less contrast between roots and ends of hair, melting tone-on-tone shades, creating a more natural effect.

What's Buzzing Now:  Lighter ends are still the rage, but keep them refined, to enhance more natural-looking hair color.  Sombre is a softer version of ombre, your mid-lengths through ends should be no more than two to three shades lighter than your root color.  Definitely a low maintenance, lived in color that is flattering on everyone, especially brunettes.


What's Buzzing Now:  Dimension and layering of tones... The more you do the better!  A myriad of red shades should be placed throughout the hair for a seamless transition, strawberry blonde, gold, mahogany, copper brown.  Then finish everything with a high shine gloss to blend it all together.

💕💟💘 Tina Ratsaboutseua